Thermochemical conversion behavior of dried black liquor under microwave induced heating

DUANGDUEN, ATONG and VIBOON, SRICHAROENCHAIKUL and WARANGLUCK, NASORN (2014) Thermochemical conversion behavior of dried black liquor under microwave induced heating. In: International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural, Environmental and Bio-Technology - CSEB 2014, 08-09 March, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Pyrolysis of dried pulverized BL was carried out using a microwave. Microwave method offers several advantages such as volumetric heating, rapid turnover as well as efficient energy conversion. The objectives this works were to study microwave heating pyrolysis technique and resulting products as well as conversion efficiency. Weak BL used in this experiment was taken from soda and kraft pulping process from local pulp mill which was then dried and sieved. Pyrolysis was performed in quartz reactor heated in microwave using silicon carbide as microwave receptor. It was found that the reaction temperature may reach 545-1120°C within 10 min by employing microwave heating depending on the amount of dried BL used. The obtained gas products were quantified by gas analyzer. Char and tar were collectively analyzed by weight measuring. Results indicated that optimum operating conditions were pyrolysis of BL achieved at microwave power of 625 W (1120ºC), BL 10 g., silicon carbide ratio 1:1 and residence time 6 min where high fuel gases (H2, CO, CH4, and CO2) were 25.9, 20.0, 1.6 and 0.4 vol.%, respectively. The syngas (H2 and CO) increased from 17.62 %vol and 12.20 %vol to 25.90 %vol and 20.00 %vol, respectively when increasing of temperature from 830°C to 1120°C. It was observed that yields of gas product increased, while the yield of solid char decreased. Comparison of the results suggested that microwave heating had obvious advantages over conversional heating in terms of more valuable products and energy efficiency.

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