Advanced Chemical Oxidation with Pre-coagulation for Treatment of Paint Manufacturing Wastewater

DENISS, KLAUSON and ENELIIS, KATTEL and MARIKA, VIISIMAA and MARINA TRAPIDO, MARINA TRAPIDO and NIINA, DULOVA (2014) Advanced Chemical Oxidation with Pre-coagulation for Treatment of Paint Manufacturing Wastewater. In: International Conference on Advances In Applied Science and Environmental Engineering - ASEE 2014, 02 - 03 August, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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A water-based paint wastewater, generated mainly during a periodic equipment-cleaning, was subjected to the combined pre-coagulation and advanced chemical treatment (H2O2/Fe2+, S2O82-/Fe2+, S2O82-/OH-, or S2O82-/H2O2 system). The results of ferric pre-coagulation trials indicated a high efficacy in wastewater treatment, resulted in 4 and 15 % residual COD and DOC, respectively, and in more than a 10-fold increase in a BOD7/COD ratio. The Fenton treatment of the pre-coagulated wastewater at the optimal COD/H2O2/Fe2+ weight ratio of 1:2:0.4 resulted in respective 14 and 31 % residual COD and DOC. The BOD7/COD ratio increase was the highest at the optimal ratio and resulted in more than 6-fold and 81-fold increase compared to the pre-coagulated and initial wastewater, respectively. The COD and DOC removal remained nearly identical in all trials with the ferrous-ions activated persulfate treatment of the pre-coagulated wastewater and did not exceed 35 and 7 %, respectively. The BOD7/COD remained unchanged after treatment of the pre-coagulated wastewater with S2O82-/Fe2+ process. Both alkaline and peroxide activated persulfate oxidation demonstrated insignificant efficacy in the pre-coagulated wastewater treatment. The combination of pre-coagulation and Fenton treatment proved a feasible solution to treat effectively water-based paint wastewater and resulted in 99.5 and 96.5 % COD and DOC removal, respectively.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: activated persulfate, coagulation, Fenton process, oxidation, water-based paint wastewater
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