Modeling and simulation of chloride diffusion in concrete with recycled aggregates

JORGE L., ALAMARAL-SANCHEZ and CARLOS A, . ROSAS-CASAREZ and CARLOS P. BARRIOS-, DURSTEWITZ and JOSE M. GOMEZ-, SOBERON and MANUEL J. CHINCHILLAS-, CHINCHILLAS and OCTAVIO H., ACUNA-AGUERO and RAMON CORRAL-, HIGUERA and SUSANA P., ARREDONDO-REA (2014) Modeling and simulation of chloride diffusion in concrete with recycled aggregates. In: International Conference on Advances In Civil and Structural Engineering - CSE 2014, 02 - 03 August, 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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The concrete along with steel, are the responsibility structural material required to respond to mechanical stresses; specifically, the tensile stresses are borne by the steel, and it is this material that involvement of durability can lose their resilience. Corrosion of steel is one of the main causes of this affectation in the steel, and this is caused by the entry of chloride ions in the called phenomenon diffusion. This phenomenon is governed by the diffusion equations of the Fick's first and second law [1]; for these, there are several models that describe the behavior of chloride diffusion in conventional concrete, but nevertheless, not in the recycled concrete. In this paper, are used as basis, the models of Janzhuang Xiao et al. [2] and Long-Yuang Li et al. [3] to model and simulate the phenomenon of chloride diffusion in concrete with recycled aggregates; for which it has been used a five-phase model for the aggregate: old and new Interfacial Transition Zones (ITZ), new and old mortar, and original aggregate. Furthermore, in this model were considered as variables the Thickness of the Interfacial Transition Zone (TITZ), the rate of old mortar adhered, the volume fraction of the aggregates and the continuity of the ITZ. The model considered, was composed by a "slice" square 10x10 mm with a unit thickness, and in it, was assessed the effect of each of the study variables separately with respect to the chloride diffusion of this recycled concrete.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Chloride diffusion, recycled concrete, Interfacial Transition Zone.
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