Horizontal shear strength of fiber-reinforced composite deck slabs tested in the weak direction

HISSEINE, OUSMANE, and SALAH AL, TOUBAT, and , SALAH AL, TOUBAT, (2014) Horizontal shear strength of fiber-reinforced composite deck slabs tested in the weak direction. In: Second International Conference on Advances In Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering- ACSEE 2014, 25 - 26 October 2014, Zurich, Switzerland.

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n this research, six large-scale composited metal deck (CMD) slabs were constructed and tested in a cantilever diaphragm configuration to assess the viability of using discreet macro fibers as an alternative secondary reinforcement. Two common commercial steel deck types, Holorib and Ribdeck AL, with a reentrant and trapezoidal profile; respectively, were used in this study. Three types of secondary reinforcements were considered: (1) Conventional welded wire mesh of sizes A142 and A98; (2) synthetic macro-fibers at the dosages of 3 kg/m3 and 5.3 kg/m3; and (3) hooked-end steel fibers with a dosage of 15 kg/m3. All the slabs were tested in the weak configuration, a condition that practically exists between steel decks and primary steel beams. Test results showed that although fibers and WWM are theoretically used in CMDs to control cracks associated with shrinkage and temperature changes, they actually have a considerable effect on enhancing the horizontal shear capacity. Results indicated that when discreet synthetic macro fibers are used at the dosage of 5.35 kg/m3, an enhancement in the slab’s horizontal shear capacity of up to 49% was achieved, suggesting that when the suitable dosage is used, discreet fibers can be a feasible secondary reinforcement for composite deck slabs.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: steel decking, composite slab, fiber-reinforced concrete, diaphragms, horizontal shear
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