Model of Sender Fairness Proportion Achievable in MANET Using Location-Aware Transmission for Ubicomp.

M. KALEEM, GALAMALI and NAWAZ, MOHAMUDALLY (2016) Model of Sender Fairness Proportion Achievable in MANET Using Location-Aware Transmission for Ubicomp. In: Sixth International Conference On Advances in Computing, Electronics and Electrical Technology - CEET 2016, 26-27 November 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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MANET transmission is one solution towards achieving routing in a ubicomp environment and if well designed, it can help in energy containment in ubicomp [60]. Application of location-aware transmission strategies may enhance energy management and conservation and hence remain a serious topic of research. MANET nodes adopt an automated collective load sharing transmission strategy. Hence MANET nodes are themselves the infrastructure nodes. Situations of completely equitable transmission (Fairness) load sharing will be very rarely reached. However, one criteria which can serve for a sender to decide to start a transmission or not will be: “How much Fairness is being reached by other senders in the ubicomp?” This feature will require either recording of previous sender’s Fairness Proportion or an empirical predictability model (or both). Such questions remain determining factors of success of transmission in cooperative functionality. Previous studies in this direction were made [22] whereby the metrics BFEA and ECFP were devised. Development of two derived metrics followed: Min_FP [23] and Max_FP [24]. In this paper, another metric S_FP, derived from ECFP, is defined and its corresponding trends over varying node densities are presented. This paper consolidates further the area of modelling for energy management in ubicomp for designers to assess Fairness characteristics and subsequently better shape future ubicomp technology. This paper is a follow-up of previous research [1-24].

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ubiquitous Computing, MAUCMobile and Ubiquitous Computing, MANET- Mobile Adhoc Network, BFEA- Basic Fairness Energy Amount, ECFP- Energy Consumption Fairness Proportion, Min_FP- Minimum Fairness Proportion, Max_FPMaximum Fairness Proportion, S_FP- Sender Fairness Proportion, CBR- Constant Bit Rate.
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